Avoid These Foods To Save Your Hair

You may have had many conversations together with your friends and family about the positive or negative effect of varied food items. you’ll have discussed how food items affect your health or your skin, but many folks forget to debate the role of the many food items in stimulating hair loss problem.

Let’s take a better check out some food items and the way they might be either causing or making your hair loss problem more severe.

Fried Foods

We know foods crammed with unhealthy fats are never good for our health. However, most folks do not know that those which contains hydrogenated oils or are fried can convince be extremely terrible for his or her hair also .

Many studies have established a connection between increased levels of testosterone with both saturated and unsaturated fats. This leads to increasing DHT within the body. DHT may be a by-product which is understood for causing hair loss. the assembly of the essential fatty acids, which are required for correct growth of healthy hair is suppressed by hydrogenated oils.

Sugar-Free Foods

Do you like to eat sweets? Are you worried about your health and getting to switch to sugar-free foods? Choosing sugar-free food items may sound like a superb idea, but it can bring more harm than you realize. a couple of studies conducted recently have shown that artificial sweetener is connected to hair loss problem. aside from causing hair loss problem, artificial sweeteners also causes depression, bloating, and impotency.

Simple Carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates like white carbs are more damaging than previously thought. once we consume refined carbohydrates, any nutrients which are ingested are expected to start out the digestion of the ingredients, which usually also are high in sugar. Then, this sugar which may be seen together of the unhealthiest elements indirectly causes hair loss.

We know that sugar can harm our body’s ability to manage stress and you will be surprised to understand that in many cases of hair loss stress is either a primary or contributing factor. So, by consuming excess volumes of refined carbohydrates, you would possibly be making your hair loss problem worse. High fibre foods like bananas and sophisticated carbohydrates will make sure that the proper nutrients reach the body, making digestion tons easier and an improved blood supply to the hair follicles also .


Often seen as an unhealthy thing due to many reasons, still additives are widely employed by companies while manufacturing many food items. aside from causing allergies , and affecting the behaviour of youngsters , additives are known to directly cause hair loss problem. this is often also the case with additives that are derived from natural ingredients.


Eating only natural foods that haven’t any known side-effects may appear to be a difficult task, but by choosing organic food items and removing the above-mentioned food items, you’ll make an interesting difference to your hair loss problem. However, if you’ve already lost an excessive amount of of hair and hair regrowth seems like an impossible idea, then a hair transplant is that the right solution for you.

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